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Services & Procedures

Township Establishment:

Township establishment is the process of turning farmland or small holdings into township land.


Rezoning is the process of amending Town Planning Scheme conditions pertaining to a particular property.

Business Rights:

Business rights can be obtained by means of rezoning.


Subdivision is the process of dividing a single property into two or more portions.

Consent Use:

A Consent Use procedure is followed when a Town Planning Scheme specifically provides for certain uses with the consent of the local authority.

Removal of Restrictive Conditions:

Removal of Restrictive Conditions is often required to rid a property of certain inflexible encumbrances written into the title deed.

Development Potential:

Development Plans can be compiled by a property owner for a specific site, or can be compiled by a planning authority as part of the development policy for a larger area.

Land Use Controls:

Land use controls include legislation, town planning schemes and title conditions that tell a property owner what he can or cannot do with or on his property.

Registration of Servitude:

Registration of Servitude is the procedure of securing a right in favour of a third party over a particular property.

Registration of Property Ownership:

Registration of Property Ownership is done in the Deeds Office.


Expropriation is the procedure available to a local, provincial or national authority to obtain ownership of property or certain rights over property


Proclamation is an alternative procedure available to a local, provincial or national authority to obtain certain rights over property, such as roads.


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